Add a Storm Shelter to Your Property ASAP

Tornado and lightning storm

We Offer Storm Shelter Installation Services in Oxford, Batesville, Pontotoc, MS and the Surrounding Areas

As a resident of Oxford, MS, you’re no stranger to tornadoes, thunderstorms and other severe weather. Give your family a safe place to take shelter with a storm shelter from GreenPro.

We offer storm shelter installation services at affordable rates. You can count on us to:

  • Construct your storm shelter in a timely manner
  • Create a shelter that keeps your family safe from the elements
  • Charge a fair price for the storm shelter installation project

GreenPro LLC Can Install a Variety of Storm Shelter Options, We Offer the Following Models

Above Ground Shelters

  • Standard precast model
  • Solid concrete flooring
  • See sizing options below

Garage Shelters

  • Standard precast model
  • Anchor to pre-exisitng concrete floor / slab
  • See sizing options below

Custom Storm Shelter

  • Made to order
  • Solid reinforced concrete
  • Can be designed from contractor blueprints
  • Contact for more information

To get the details on our pricing, call (662) 801-9789. Get a free estimate on your storm shelter project in Oxford, Batesville, Pontotoc, MS and the surrounding areas today!

What Will Your Storm Shelter be Like?

When you hire us, you can choose from a variety of features for your shelter. Lee’s Precast Concrete offers many durable features, including solid steel doors that open inward. They also produce the supplies to build an accessible shelter, such as a wheelchair-accessible garage model. You can personalize the inside of the shelter however you’d like in order to create a comfortable space. Contact us now to plan your storm shelter.

Category3’x5′ Garage Shelter5’x8′ Garage Shelter5’x8′ Shelter6’x12′ Shelter
Wall Thickness6.0″6.0″6.0″6.0″
Total Weight4.5 Tons7.5 Tons10 Tons15.5 Tons
Inside Height6’1″6’1″6’10”6’10”
Inside Width3’0″5’0″4’10”6’0″
Inside Length5’0″8’0″8’0″12’0″
Dimensions for various types and sizes of storm shelters

Meets or Exceeds FEMA 320/361 & ICC-500 Standards

  • Concrete: 5,000 PSI Concrete (Minimum)
  • Reinforcement: Grade 60, equal to #4 Rebars @ 12″ O.C.E.W. (Minimum)
  • No ladder or stairs to climb when entering or exiting the shelter

Quality Control

Each and Every Storm Shelter / Safe Room is manufactured in a rigid metal form in a controlled environment which allows each product to be made of consistent Quality and Concrete Strength.


4 anchors are screwed approximately 28 inches into the ground to secure the 1.25 inch metal straps that go over the top of the shelter.

Solid Steel Doors

The door swings inward so you can still get out of the shelter even if there are obstructions in-front of the doorway after a storm.